What if ... IAWRT Safety Handbook for Women Journalists Second Edition (English) 2020

Now includes safety resources for covering pandemics and epidemics, and updated introductions and resources.

by Abeer Saady, edited by Nonee Walsh

(please note for correct referencing purposes, the ISBN in this version is for the print version - we are awaiting a e-version ISBN) 


أطلق الاتحاد الدولي للنساء العاملات في الإذاعة والتلفزيون بالتعاون مع المركز الدولي للصحافة والإعلام  بجامعة أوسلو تحت رعاية اليونسكو، طبعة محدثة باللغة العربية من دليل السلامة للصحفيات، تحت عنوان "ماذا لو...؟".

IAWRT President Violet Gonda addresses members to share updates on the organisation and how chapters and members can help and actively contribute to IAWRT's plans.

Second edition of the GMP Handbook. It has a new ISBN number: fixes the layout and tweaks to the design as the first edition was very difficult to read after print.

The Handbook on Working Towards Gender Equality in the Media. IAWRT & the Gender Mainstreaming Project showcases IAWRT members’ experiences and best practices for working towards advancing gender equality in and on the media in Kenya, South Africa,Tanzania, India and Uganda.

ISBN 978-82-691536-4-4